My single greatest interest (apart from my land, family, and business) is in the civilizational complexity collapse that has been ongoing for most of my life, and which is now accelerating. My first effort to communicate with others about this was a small book, The Good American, that I self-published in 2012 to coincide with the presidential election. It got little attention, but one chapter has consistently gotten good feedback, and it is published on this website as the essay All The Bunnies in the Meadow Die. Then when I was invited to give a talk by the Greens at Virginia Tech in 2018 I found that I had a great deal more to say about it, and when the invitation was repeated a year later, I began to form a real synthesis that I continue to work on now. It was these videos that attracted the interest of the "Doomer" community, and led to my being interviewed for several channels on the topic.

This is the 2018 presentation at Virginia Tech.

This is the 2019 presentation. I am working on building this up to a series of videos and possibly a book at some point.