The Good American: A Situation Report for Citizens

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

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What are the most serious issues facing America, and what do we do about them? Especially during a national election you would think this would be much discussed, but is it even possible to imagine either major-party candidate addressing:

  • Our out-of-control militarism and burgeoning police- and security-state?
  • The triumph of commercial and institutional propaganda that infantilizes and deludes our people?
  • The capture of our economy and institutions and the impoverishment of our nation by the financial elite?
  • The spectre of human overshoot of our planetary environment, a disaster of indescribable proportions that is already unfolding before our eyes?
  • The disenfranchisement of the electorate by an oligarchic duopoly?

Each of these problems is well covered in the progressive literature, but that literature is disadvantaged by its understandably angry tone and its tendency to preach to the converted. What I have striven for here is something direct, concise, and even-tempered. (One reviewer characterized the writing has having a “gentle voice.”) And, it is non-partisan.

Nonetheless, I think it is impossible to read without being slapped awake politically, and this is my fervent hope: that it will reach those who just haven’t achieved genuine political wakefulness. It is time for everyone to wake up and smell the world burning, and to notice our civic heritage slipping away.

I have kept the price as low as possible to make it as easy to buy as possible. Please get a copy, and please share it with others. Give a copy to that person in your life whom you would most like to lift into mature political consciousness. You can buy the Amazon Kindle edition for $3.99, or the paperback for $12.95.

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